Proper home spa tips

In the midst of busy lives, people need quality time for relaxation and recharging. While commercial spa treatments can quickly get expensive, at-home spa treatments can be quite affordable. Create your own home spa kit or create some kits to give as gifts. A kit can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish and you can be certain that whoever utilizes it will enjoy the opportunity for pampering. How to decide by reading infrared sauna reviews

Find a basket that will accommodate the items you want to include in your spa kit.

Place bottles of soothing aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, geranium and lavender inside the basket.

Make a homemade sugar scrub recipe and place it in an airtight bottle. Attach directions for use and place the bottle inside the basket.

Add a face cleanser and a moisturizer to the spa kit. You can make these or buy commercial products.

Place a jar of homemade bath salts in the spa kit, along with directions.

Add additional items to the kit such as chamomile tea bags, a loofah, body scrubber, bath pillow, lightly scented candles and a CD of soothing music.



If you’re as busy and stressed as most of us, you may not take time out for self care very often. However, personal pampering has many stress relieving benefits, and should be incorporated as part of a low stress lifestyle. If you don’t have the budget for a high end spa, you can create a relaxing home spa experience for yourself. The following are some basic elements to include in creating a home spa experience that will melt away stress and leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 Minutes to One Hour

Here’s How:

    Privacy: Perhaps the most important part of the home spa experience is being sure you have some uninterrupted time for just you. If you have to hop out of the tub to circumvent a catastrophe with your toddler or answer a string of calls, you may end up feeling even more tense! So make arrangements for some uninterrupted solitude, let the phone go to voice mail, and prepare to indulge.

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    Music: If you can arrange to have music in your bathroom, you’ll be glad you did. The right soothing melodies can help melt away the stress, make you feel more removed from reality, and, if you live with others, drown out the household sounds that may remind you of everything else going on, taking your attention away from the here and now of your home spa experience.

Lighting: You’d be surprised at how lighting can create a stress-relieving mood. Lighting the room with candles can fill the area with a soothing scent and create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Bath Products: You can go a long way in creating a luxurious bath with a few helpful products. Lavender-scented bubble bath, for example, uses the power of aromatherapy to soothe you.
Body scrubs are used in spas to exfoliate skin, and can be used at home as well. There are also skin-moisturizing oils you can add to your bath to nourish your skin and make the pampered feeling last.

Beauty Treatments: While you’re relaxing, you may as well get more beautiful! Putting a conditioning treatment in your hair and a purifying masque on your face can make your face and scalp feel good and leave you looking more beautiful afterward. Rubbing your dry skin with a loofah and scrubbing calloused feet with a pumice stone can be a little more work, but you’ll love the results, and it’ll only take a few minutes.